Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wild Rose Group

I have finished my second group of motifs for the museum project, and have shipped them off to England!  This group (the Wild Rose from the Priscilla Book 1 of Irish Crochet, page 12) took about a week to finish.  The main rose is about 2.75 inches in diameter, to give you some perspective.  I used size 80 thread over doubled size 10 PC, with a .06mm hook.  It was helpful to use painter's masking tape over my middle finger as protection against that pointy hook!  I now have a nice callous.  The smallest rings on the main flower were the most difficult to do.  I wrapped the PC around the base of a steel hook about 6 times (doubled) and then went to work with the 80 thread.  My eyes crossed!  I could only do two at a time, and then would take a break.
I am so excited to be contributing to this project!  I just love the idea of so many hands, all over the world, working together to create a beautiful exhibit.


  1. You're amazing! I love the intricacy of these.

  2. AWesome Kimberly! I am a begginer on irish crochet, but I do not dare to make it with so thin yarn.Congratulations..I really would like to try to make this motif, but without diagrams, it's not easy for me...It's wonderful!Greetings from Brazil :-)