Monday, April 16, 2012

Missoni Style

I love the crazy color combos and the fun patterns of Missoni.  I was determined that I could achieve the Missoni effect with crochet.  My plan was to do this with a self-striping yarn, and then I wouldn't have a bunch of ends to weave in.

My friend at Alcidina Art Yarns made me some custom dyed yarn!  She surprised me with these self-striping skeins.  Boy did I feel privileged when these gorgeous treats appeared in my mailbox.

I tried to use the yarn as it was, perfectly measured and just alternating the two balls.  But, I ended up liking a more randomly ordered stripe, instead of a consistent stripe.  So that meant lots of cutting of my self-striping yarn and weaving in of those ends.  Grrr....  AND...I added white, you have to have the white in there to break up all that color.  BUT, I love LOVE my scarf!  It is a cushy cashmere blend and is extra wide for more smooshy goodness.

Pattern is coming!


  1. Gorgeous! Love the colors. Nice to have friends like that :)

  2. Cannot WAIT for this pattern- I adore this scarf!!